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The 17 best Online Drawing Courses for Beginners in 2018

Online Drawing Courses for Beginners

The 17 best Online Drawing Courses for Beginners in 2018

Do you want to start drawing? Or are you looking for a way to increase your drawing skills? A good alternative is to consider an online drawing course for beginners.

Outlined below are the 17 best online drawing courses for beginners to consider and where you can get them.


Online Drawing Courses for Beginners with free trials

  • Learning How to Draw – This 65-minute class shares an accessible, enjoyable, and practical approach to learning how to draw so that everyone can enjoy the process of drawing!
  • Botanical Line Drawing – Line drawing is an easy art form featuring illustrative, doodle-like designs. It’s used widely among artists of many types with both fine lines and bold lines. In this class, you will be introduced to techniques that will assist you in creating beautiful flowers and leaves.
  • Making your first Zine: From Idea to Illustration – This 45-minute class is full of history, ideas, and illustration tips to free your imagination and help you create an awesome, empowering little piece of print. Zines are a cheap form of printed expression. They’re DIY, easy to reproduce, and you don’t need anyone’s permission to get started. The whole point is sharing something YOU care about and YOU want people to know.
  • Illustration and Inspiration: Keeping a Sketchbook – Leah’s sketchbook practice stands out for its beauty, cohesion, and accessibility — all while remaining experimental and pushing her illustration process. This 30-minute class shares her approach and 3 of her go-to prompts for overcoming creative block.
  • Start Drawing: Techniques for Pencil Portraits – Drawing is an art that is accessible to anyone. In this class you will learn how to get started drawing your own beautiful life-like pencil portraits.

  • Drawing Basics – Do you want to learn how to draw, but don’t know where to start? In this class, professional painter and illustrator Cleo Papanikolas shares fun, beginner-friendly drawing techniques that can turn anyone into an artist. This class will help you overcome your fear of the blank page and focus on putting pencil to paper so you can draw the way you always wished you could.
  • Drawing the Everyday Every Day – Drawing the Everyday Every Day is your guide to exploring your creativity and integrating a drawing habit into your daily routine.
  • Color Techniques for Drawing – Are you ready to work with color on your drawing but overwhelmed by all the possible options? In this class, professional painter and illustrator Cleo Papanikolas shares fun, beginner-friendly color application techniques that can turn anyone’s drawings into vibrant finished pieces.
  • Storytelling Through Character Development – This class will teach you how to create characters as a way to develop stories. Instructor Mary Jane Begin is an award-winning illustrator and author of children’s picture books, a Rhode Island School of Design graduate and professor in the Illustration Department. Mary Jane explains the importance of narrative in all creative fields, and how to develop them.


Other Online Drawing Courses for Beginners

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  • Drawing Foundations – Anyone can learn how to draw. Success comes down to three things: Shape, Simplicity and Structure. Each chapter in this course is built on these three principles.
  • 21-day Drawing Challenge – Drawing and creativity are critical parts of human communication and personal expression, and are essential for success in every profession. Drawing is especially valuable because it improves hand-eye coordination, as well as your understanding of form and shape. It also lets you quickly communicate ideas that may be difficult to put into words.
  • 5-day Drawing Challenge – These challenges ask you to put away your normal drawing tools and draw outside your comfort zone.

  • Drawing and sketching for beginners – Learn the art of sketching and drawing with easy to follow videos and exercises. No experience required!
  • The Secrets to Drawing – This course is designed from the beginners perspective, and is aimed to offer you the knowledge needed to draw better images almost immediately. Containing a total of 28 High-Def videos with over 8 hours of drawing instruction, each aspect of this course is segmented into “easy to understand” and “easy to follow” with complete drawing displays and explanations. The course also includes 26 ebooks that combine for 178 pages with 498 color illustrations.
  • The Ultimate Drawing Course – Beginner to Advanced – This course promises to offer beginners, a deeper understanding of the drawing basics. Whether for your own projects or simply to draw for other people, you will learn different ways of creating expert drawings as well as the needed skills to stand out in the world of drawing.

Drawing Foundations: Fundamentals – This drawing course is specifically designed for beginners. It focuses on shape, simplicy and structure, combining both drawing theory and real-life examples with drawing and worksheets assignments. It also covers everything about value, line, negative space, tone and perspective, and also offers you the confidence needed to make drawing a daily practice.

How to draw 101 – This course is designed for beginner artists who have an interest in learning how to draw or sketch, or simply want to improve their skills. It covers the tools you’ll need to draw and also provide plenty of exercises to practice drawing using different techniques and styles. It will cover drawing people, places, things, and even abstract concepts.



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