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21 Online Piano Courses for Beginners

Online Piano Courses for Beginners

21 Online Piano Courses for Beginners

Congratulations, for deciding to get started with playing the Piano! 

I have listed 21 online courses to help you closer to your Piano endeavors. I hope you find one you like and that you enjoy the course you choose 🙂



Online Piano Courses for Beginners with free trials

  • Free Piano Lessons400.000 students! Stop trying to piece together fragments of free piano lessons found all around the internet and start a real program that guarantees your success!

  • Piano Lessons: Teach Yourself to Play – Created with the beginners in mind, this course offers the fundamental knowledge of the piano playing. It teaches you how to unbolt hours of pleasure for yourself and your audience, and it is never too late to get started. In this beginner’s course, you will be taught the right way to sit at the piano, position your hand, rhythms and notes reading as well as how to play chords. You will also learn about the harmonic and melodic intervals, syncopated notes, triplets, progressions etc.
  • The fundamentals – Learn how to play piano. Music professor and acclaimed accompanist Hugh Sung has created a comprehensive video library of piano lessons and clear, over-the-shoulder shots of performances of classic tunes.
  • Jazz Piano Lessons – Learn how to play jazz piano. Join Grammy-winning keyboardist George Whitty as he helps you get started as a jazz pianist. George helps you tackle the F7 blues, so that you can quickly start playing a recognizable jazz line.

  • Piano Reading Course 101 – Develop your piano playing while you learn to read the notes, it has been specially developed for the very beginner, in a very progressive way so you can go through the exercises at your own pace.
  • Piano Technique 101 – This course will teach you how to develop an easy to follow routine. Learn these 6 exercises that are part of a 7-10 min routine and include it in your regular practice.


Other Online Piano Courses for Beginners

  • Beginner Piano – Would you like to start playing the piano without the hours of frustration learning music theory? That is what this course is all about. It will teach you good piano techniques and walks you through the process of playing real pieces of music, giving you a sense of accomplishment and encouraging you to keep playing. This course has a concise, compact, and easy-to-follow guide to learning piano and music theory basics.
  • Piano for All – One of the most popular online piano courses with over 100,000 students worldwide!
  • The Complete Piano and Music Theory Beginners Course – Concise, compact, and easy to follow guide to learning piano and music theory basics! Well planned out lessons.
  • How to play Piano – Go from a Beginner/Intermediate to a Pro. Piano course with lessons to learn from that teach scales, chords, playing piano by ear, music theory, improvisation and more!

  • Learn Piano Today – Learn how to play the piano at any age. No prior musical theory knowledge, nor the ability to read piano sheet music necessary for this course. Easy to understand lessons that stay on-topic, teaching you the basics of what you need to know, step-by-step.
  • Beginner Children´s Piano Course – Learn to play the piano through these easy online lessons.
  • Fast Piano Method – DecPlay is a fast way to learn piano, designed for people who want to experience the joy of playing popular music, without wanting to spend time learning traditional notation.

  • Playground – Playground Sessions is a downloadable software that combines gaming elements, industry-leading technology and popular songs to teach you how to play the piano from the comfort of your own home.

  • Piano Lessons – This is a package of 3 courses – Classical Piano, Jazz Piano and Popular Piano.




Perhaps you know any online piano courses for beginners that you think should be on this list? Kindly contact us at halvard and we will ensure it is included.

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