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17 Online WordPress Courses for Beginners (Free and Paid)

Online WordPress Courses for Beginners

17 Online WordPress Courses for Beginners (Free and Paid)

I developed my first WordPress site in 2012. It took me 3 weeks, since I didn’t pursue a course to learn the basics. I want to help you and give you an easier option. 

There are 3 things you need to learn, when you are about to develop your first WordPress site.

You need to know how to:

  1. Install WordPress, set up the site and how to use the interface.
  2. Get ranked on google (SEO).
  3. Keep your site (automatically) backed up in case you are hacked or screw up something.

That is it. After that you can start making content and all that other fun stuff.

Now, go learn it and save yourself 2.8 weeks!


Online WordPress Courses for Beginners with free trials

  • WordPress Essential training – This course will help you get the most out of the self-hosted version of WordPress and create feature-rich blogs and websites. You will learn how to create and publish posts and pages; customize your site with themes, widgets, and custom menus; and extend WordPress even further with plugins. In addition, you will learn how to adjust the settings that keep your site safe and secure.
  • WordPress Plugins: SEO – Out of the box, WordPress does a pretty good job of driving users to your site. But there’s still more you can do to make your site visible to search engines and social media networks. Learn how to deploy two of the most prevalent search engine optimization (SEO) plugins to boost your online presence. Along the way, learn how to take advantage of WordPress settings that can help you out as you optimize your site.
  • WordPress: Backing Up Your Site – Backups are critical to getting your WordPress site running again when it’s broken or, even worse, hacked. Get introduced to three trusted plugins to add automatic backup routines to your WordPress site: BackUpWordPress, UpdraftPlus and VaultPress.
  • WordPress Ecommerce – Want to build an online store? Build it with WordPress and take advantage of all the sophisticated plugins and features the platform has to offer.

  • The Complete WordPress Course – Learn to build you own WordPress site from Scratch. Learn step-by-step how you can simply and easily build your very own professional website. We start by discussing an introduction to hosting, domains, what WordPress is and how to use it. Then we move into the installation process and getting comfortable navigating around WordPress. Lastly, we teach you all of the necessities to building your professional website.
  • The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide to WordPress Security – You’ve put so much time and money into building your WordPress website. Now It’s time to protect all your hard work and make sure hackers can’t take full control of your website.
  • WordPress SEO – In this class you will have access to the absolute best plugin to help your website increase the number of visitors of your WordPress site.


Other Online WordPress Courses for Beginners

  • Complete WordPress training for BeginnersFREE! This course will teach you to build a beautiful and responsive website with WordPress. You will be able to navigate around the WordPress dashboard, know what everything does and how to use them. You will also understand the main features of WordPress, create pages and posts, and know the difference between the two. Create custom menus and navigation systems that both visitors and search engines will find useful.
  • WordPress for Beginners – This course is aimed to help you get WordPress working, setup, with no previous WordPress experience. This course entails a complete, easy to follow, step by step guide to creating a complete website. You will be able to create and configure a fully functional WordPress driven website from scratch.

  • WordPress For Beginners – Build you first WordPress site. This course is a quick but thorough overview of using WordPress to create a business website. It is designed for busy small-business owners and self-employed professionals who want to quickly master the WordPress software.
  • WordPress Security Made Easy – Keep your WordPress site protected and secure with easy-to-follow steps.

Creating a Responsive Website with WordPress – This course covers everything about WordPress website development from the ground up. In the course you will learn how to

  • Choose a host and install WordPress.
  • Make your WordPress site mobile-friendly.
  • Pick and apply the right theme for the job.
  • Change essential WordPress settings.
  • Add menus and widgets.
  • Work with posts and pages.
  • Add functionality through plugins and others.
  • And much more..



WordPress 101: The basics – This course provides everything you are looking for as a beginner. It provides support and viewing options, and also covers all the wordpress basics – themes, plugins, setting up a website as well as customization. There are also lots of helpful tips for wordpress beginners in the course.


3 Advanced WordPress Online Courses

  • WordPress Development for Beginners – This seven-part course for beginners will teach you the fundamental concepts of WordPress development. Letting you make the leap from tinkerer to developer. By the end of the course, you will be able to create your own themes and plugins.
  • WordPress Development for Intermediate Users – So you’ve learnt some PHP, created a basic theme and coded a couple of simple plugins. Now what?

  • WordPress Development – In this track, you’ll learn how to build a website powered by WordPress, which is one of the quickest and most popular ways to build a dynamic website.



Wrap up

Do you know of any online WordPress courses for beginners that you think should be on this list? Contact me at halvard and I will ensure it is included.

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